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Starting bright and early (4am to be exact) on June 25, 2010, I will be embarking on my biggest adventure to date. I will be in Rome and Paris for one week before I arrive in my final destination: Spain. I will be living with a family in Oviedo, Spain from July 4 -July 31, 2010. They don’t speak English in this town, so needless to say, this will be quite an experience that will most definitely contain some pretty entertaining stories. So, stay tuned and look for updates of my summer in Europe!

Monday, July 12, 2010

¨Yo soy Español, Español, Español!!¨

Oh my goodness, last night was one of the most amazing nights of my life!!! It was so much fun and such a great experience!! For those of you who are lost right now, Spain won the World Cup for the first time ever last night...and I was THERE!!!!! It was so awesome!!!! People were going crazy!!! We were yelling in the streets, all of the cars were honking, everyone was chanting and celebrating, it was so cool! They blocked off one of the streets and set up a huge screen for everyone to watch. There were probably a couple of thousand people there. I could barely see since I´m so short and I was on my tip toes the whole time, but it was SO worth it!!! (Even though my calves kill today). After Spain won the game, we went to this huge fountain in the center of town, and everyone jumped in. It was CRAZY!!!! There were probably 100 people in the fountain and then another couple thousand people on the streets surrounding it. People were splashing hard core and they had this huge soccer ball that they were volleying around. I wasn´t going to get in because I had jeans and tennis shoes on and was planning on staying out for a while afterwards, but then I was like well ¨When am I going to be in Spain again when they win the world cup for the first time ever? umm, NEVER!¨ So I jumped in jeans and all. Even though I was completely soaked and miserable afterwards, it was SO worth it. When I got home, my host mom saw that I was drenched and started cracking up. She thought it was great that I celebrated and got in the fountain! Anyways, sorry this is so quick. I have to go meet my group and professor at the cathedral. I´ll give more updates later. Here are some pictures of the madness:

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