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Starting bright and early (4am to be exact) on June 25, 2010, I will be embarking on my biggest adventure to date. I will be in Rome and Paris for one week before I arrive in my final destination: Spain. I will be living with a family in Oviedo, Spain from July 4 -July 31, 2010. They don’t speak English in this town, so needless to say, this will be quite an experience that will most definitely contain some pretty entertaining stories. So, stay tuned and look for updates of my summer in Europe!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Old Paris Updates!

Ok, so I know I was really bad at updating this while I was in Rome and Paris, so here are a few pictures and updates from Paris.

This was the first day we got to Paris. We got all dressed up our first night and took a picnic to the Eiffel Tower. It was SO awesome! This was the view we had right when we got out of the metro station. Talk about dramatic entrances into Europe! First, the Colosseum, now the Eiffel Tower!! It was so cool getting to see it up close and personal!

This was the view we had from our picnic in the little park next to the Eiffel Tower. It was so awesome! There was hardly anyone there because it was kind of tucked away, so we just layed in the grass and enjoyed the view. It was really cool looking when it was all lit up. It seemed so surreal and like a dream! I kept leaning over to Chrissy and telling her that I couldn´t believe we were actually there!!

This was the best lunch of my LIFE!! Orangina and a ham and cheese bagette in FRANCE!!! I drank orangina at it´s source. All of you know how great that is for me! It was wonderful. The cheese was HEAVENLY and Orangina was everywhere!!! I didn´t have to go searching for it for once! I actually enjoyed another wonderful orangina a few hours later while I was on the boat cruise. I took full advantage!

Well, I know this was kind of a boring update, but I figure pictures are more fun to look at than reading a whole bunch. At least, I like looking at pictures better. Stay tuned for more Spain updates! They´re coming, I promise!!!


  1. Cheese AND Orangina! You must have been in Heaven! Hahahaha I can just picture you being all excited!

  2. omg, i was! i saw the vendor across the street and sprinted over there! no joke, you would have died laughing!

  3. Wonderful blog Anna!! Not boring at all. I loved every word and the pictures were fantastic!!