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Starting bright and early (4am to be exact) on June 25, 2010, I will be embarking on my biggest adventure to date. I will be in Rome and Paris for one week before I arrive in my final destination: Spain. I will be living with a family in Oviedo, Spain from July 4 -July 31, 2010. They don’t speak English in this town, so needless to say, this will be quite an experience that will most definitely contain some pretty entertaining stories. So, stay tuned and look for updates of my summer in Europe!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Some Funny Stories So Far

So, I have forgotten some funny stories that have happened throughout my trip so far. While I was in Rome at the Vatican Museum, I was walking out of it and a vendor guy was trying to sell me stuff. I completely ignored him, didn´t even look at him or anything because I didnt want to deal with it, so I guess that made him mad and he said ¨MEOWWWWW¨ right in my ear. Yes, I got meowed at. Naturally, I was like what the heck?! That was SO weird! But then I immediately started laughing because it was hilarious. Another story - I was in Paris and Chrissy and I were in a phone store trying to find headphones with a microphone. The guy working there didn´t speak any English, so we were just looking around minding our own business. Well, he starts trying to talk to us so I tell him that we didnt speak French, in French. Ya, huge mistake. He took that as I do speak French. I kept talking and talking and talking and I kept telling him that I didnt understand him - in French. I really had no idea what in the world he was saying, but he was super convinced that I did. Finally, we just started cracking up and left the store because he wouldnt stop talking to us. He probably thought we were some stupid Americans. Oh well.

Ok, now for some Spain stories. So, my first night here my mom made me dinner. (btw, whenever i refer to my mom, i mean my host mom.) She made me a fried egg and ham. Harmless, right?! WRONG!! I took a bite of the egg and it was so salty that I almost threw up right there. It was horrible! Like, I was crunching salt. I couldnt eat it and I didnt want to offend her, so I just scarfed down the ham and told her I was full. The next day, she made me a salad. Just lettuce and dressing, what could go wrong? Well, appàrently she coats her salad with salt too! So, after that I decided that I had to say something. At dinner the next night, I saw her getting that salt out, so immediately I go ¨NO ME GUSTA MUCHA SAL EN MI COMIDA!¨ (Which means I dont like a lot of salt on my food.) She goes, oh! Ok! She thought it was strange, but layed off the salt thank goodness. Now, everytime she cooks she jokes with me that she´s only using a tiny bit of salt. OH! I can´t believe I forgot to tell this story - when I first got to Oviedo and met my host mom, she grabbed my face and was telling me how beautiful I was. She had my head in a firm grip and kept moving it towards different people and saying ¨Don´t you think she´s so beautiful!¨ She did it to my professor too, which I hadnt talked to much before and he was just like ¨Oh, yaaa...¨ As if I wasnt overwhelmed enough, having a grandma that I just met squeezing my face definitely didnt help. Anyways, Im out of time. Hope you enjoy!

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