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Starting bright and early (4am to be exact) on June 25, 2010, I will be embarking on my biggest adventure to date. I will be in Rome and Paris for one week before I arrive in my final destination: Spain. I will be living with a family in Oviedo, Spain from July 4 -July 31, 2010. They don’t speak English in this town, so needless to say, this will be quite an experience that will most definitely contain some pretty entertaining stories. So, stay tuned and look for updates of my summer in Europe!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Preparation Days Tres y Cuatro

Oh my! So much has happened and been done in the past 2 days! I can't believe it's only been 2 days! It seems like at least 4! Ahh, that's what happens when you're crazy busy and running around everywhere! Well, this is totally off topic and has nothing to do with my trip or getting ready for my trip, but it's a funny story that happened yesterday and I want to share it.

So, my life almost ended yesterday morning. I woke up bright and early because my mom, for some reason, decided that it would be just a grand idea to schedule me for a dentist appointment at 8 AM!!! Not only do I absolutely despise the dentist in every way, shape, and form, but I also really do not enjoy getting up early, so as you can imagine, it was not such a pretty sight. Anyways, that really has nothing to do with the story. So, I have my dentist appointment. They picked away at my teeth, made my gums bleed, and then power brushed them with the most awful flavor of crappy bubble gum minty stuff. It was just lovely. Then, finally when all of that was done, I was on my way home, driving with the windows all the way down because it was still cool out, and having a grand ol' time. Then, I look over and propped right on my window sill was this massive, disgusting bug.
I thought it was a big, hairy spider at first, but then I looked closer and it is definitely not. I have NO idea what it is! So, as you can probably guess, when I saw it I freaked out!! I thought was on the inside of the car and was swerving everywhere! Then, I tried rolling the window up and all was good. That little sucker hung on all the way home too! So ya...that's my story.

On to the next story. I called my host family in Spain...that was interesting. I was given three numbers that I could call. One was their house phone, and the other two were cell phones. I tried the house phone like 7 times and no one ever picked up and no answering machine came on, so I moved on to the cell phones. One didn't go through, and the other one rang and then went to voicemail. So, I was excited that all I had to do was leave a message. I could just read my script and be done with it. Well, half way through my message my host mom starts beeping in. So, I'm like crap. I have to do this. I finished the message and then called back. She answered and I told her who I was and when and where I was arriving. She said that the place I'm arriving was a good meeting place. Then, I asked her if I needed to bring anything like a towel or shampoo or anything like that. I think she said no I don't need to, but she just took off talking! Like, she would not stop! She didn't speak a word of English by the way. So, she's blabbing on and on and I literally have no idea what she said. Her cell phone was super fuzzy and muffled, so even if she had been speaking English, I don't think I would have understood her. So I just sat there saying "Si, si" over and over. At one point I told her that I couldn't understand her, but she kept talking. Finally, I think she may have said "Let's just talk when you get here" and then just hung up. AHH!! HELLPPPP!!! I really hope everything will work out and I REALLY hope that I'll be able to understand more when I get there! Oh well, if I don't that's what I'm going there for! To learn the language and that I will do!!!

Ok, third and final story. This one is by FAR the best one! So, I had been packing ALL day today getting everything together and running last minute errands. Brennen and I have been talking some this week but not a whole lot because I have been crazy getting everything ready and he has been in Columbia working and taking class. And because of his test schedule we had to say bye for the last time this past Sunday at a Wendy's on the way back from my cousin's wedding. Romantic right?! Ya, no. I was so sad too, of course, and made a wet, sloppy fool of myself in the parking lot. People were probably like, "Woah, what is her problem?! Why in the world is she crying in the middle of a Wendy's parking lot?!" Needless to say, a month is a long time without seeing the person you love the very most, and putting an extra week on it while still in the states just put me over the top. That makes it 6 weeks. Now, I know plenty of people go that long and even longer without seeing their significant other, but I don't and that is a very long time for me. So anyways, it was about 5 or 6pm today and I was sitting in my room checking my Facebook because I had just finished packing up everything. I was kind of just passing time because I got really sad thinking about being away from Brennen. I was also really mad too because I already miss him and my trip hasn't even started yet! Ughh! Anyways, I'm sitting there kinda just dilly dallying around when the doorbell rings. I pay no attention to it because, well,to be honest I was way too lazy to get up and see who it was. But also I wasn't expecting someone and I just figured it was one of my brother or sister's friends. No biggie. Well, my mom goes to the door and yells, "Anna! I think Hayley is here again!" and I'm like "What?! I'm not expecting her." and my mom was like "Well come down! She probably came to get her suitcase or something." (I was going to use one of her suitcases because I thought mine wasn't going to be big enough, but it was). So I slowly get up and trudge down the steps and when I get to the bottom my mom opens the door and standing there was BRENNEN!!!!! I was shocked and in complete disbelief! It took me a few minutes to really believe it was him because I just thought it was way too good to be true! He and my mom had planned this all week!! Oh my goodness, I was SOO happy!!! I even got a little teary eyed. It made my night and more!!! It was so wonderful! I have the most amazing fiancee ever! I'm so lucky :) We had a great night and I'm SOOOO glad I got to see him! Of course it made the second goodbye a lot harder, but it was worth it.
My mom picked some pretty flowers from our yard and there was a little left over stem, so she put them in Brennen's shirt. I thought it was cute. Haha!

Well, I'm officially all packed up and ready to go!! Man, I really should be going
to sleep right now. I have to get up in 4 hours. Ahh! Look how well I packed: I have my one checked bag, 2 carry ons, and all my documents. That green carry on bag doesn't really have anything in it either so I can bring extra stuff back. Mainly just food. I'm pretty proud of myself! Ok, anyways, next time I write I will be in ROME!!!!

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